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How do I fill up my pHow do I fill up my pouffe and Stages of Manufacture of Leather Pouffes?ouffe and Stages of Manufacture of Leather Pouffes?

Stages of Manufacture of Leather pouf

Moroccan Poufs are made Handmade in Morocco. 100% These amazingly colourful, and we made of genuine leather. It has stunning and stylish designs.

  • In this article, we will show the methods of making Ottoman footstools in Morocco, as well as the methods of filling the footstool

Stages of Manufacture of Leather Poufs.


  • Dyeing Natural Leather
Natural leather tanning is the first step in the manufacture, luxury leather goods with natural leather.

Design and cut

  • Design and cut

We design items according to required dimensions By design, expert get ready-to-sew pieces.

Sew Leather Poufs

  •  Sew Leather Poufs

        Hand-making pouffes by professional, craftsmen in the Ottoman traditional industry and embroidery designs women.

  • Packaging Local

The puffs are wrapped in an appropriate atmosphere, to preserve the natural color and smell of the skin in a place away from sunlight and moisture to ensure the best quality for our customers around the world.
By the way, if you buy any Moroccan footstool, you must know the appropriate filling method
Many people have a problem with the best filling method.
We give you some easy ways to stuff,

How do you make a leather pouf?

What are Moroccan poufs made of?

How do you make Moroccan style pouf?

Why are Moroccan poufs so popular?

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