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What you do not know about Moroccan baskets

There seems to be a market on every corner of Marrakech, which is full of country sights and sounds. Residents and travellers alike spend hours walking around picking up fragrant spices, hand-woven rugs and thousands of other treasures.

Ways That You Can Use A Moroccan Basket

1 / can be used as a planter

Unexpectedly, these market baskets can also be used as planters indoors and outdoors. They create a special touch rather than the boring garden planters we are accustomed to. Your guests will love the original use of this basket.

2 / Wood can be used as storage

This winter, I was looking to buy cute storage for my wood only to realize that the right storage for my chimney wood would be this market basket. This basket is not only the perfect and chic option for common wood storage options in this world, but it is very practical as it makes it easier to transport wood to the home for those who have larger storage elsewhere in the home Area.

3 / Can be used for ad hoc storage around the house

My bathroom used to have many different shelves to keep towels, hairdryers, slippers, etc … When I discovered these baskets, life became much easier because I could use them to keep these things. I am Not only does my bathroom get this hipster look, but my towels look great on these baskets! I also have a different one for my magazines!

4 / I love taking it to the beach

When I take them to the beach all my bags get dirty. I am not comfortable carrying any bag because it is not only wet, but sand destroys it! When I received these market bags, I refused to bring any other bags to the beach. They are very practical and can last many summers without getting me dirty! They are made from natural palm and woven in such a way that they resist any visible dirt marks. Also, I don’t have to worry about them getting wet!

5 / Environmentally friendly for grocery shopping

Does anyone still use plastic bags when they go grocery shopping? It is so old. Nowadays when people go to the supermarket, they bring their own bags. Not only are these market bags durable and chic, but they are also not really harmful to the planet!

What are Moroccan Market Bags?

Traditionally, Moroccan market bags are made of wicker and have a long strap. You can find them in lots of shapes and silhouettes. Some are worn cross-body style, others have handles to hold them. Some look like purses, while others look like baskets. There is truly a style and type for everyone!

What are Moroccan Market Bags?

Where Can I Buy a Moroccan Market Bag?

You can buy these market bags from the Moroccan market or from our website! However, if you dream of Marrakesh and want to give a light Moroccan touch to your everyday life, you can also find these bags online.

Where Can I Buy a Moroccan Market Bag?

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